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3rd November 2019

▶️ Bug Fixed:

1. Now Clientjoy allows you to Delete Items from Gridle.

2. Now you can directly click on charts in the Dashboard to get redirected to the respective module with filters applied.

So for eg. Now you can click on ‘outstanding’ on the invoice card on the dashboard to land on the list of all invoices page which will show all outstanding invoices etc.

This makes it super easy for you to directly land on the part of Gridle you want to put your attention to. Like if your priority is to close all ‘open’ proposals; you can get there in a click!

3. Some ISO codes of currencies were not showing up properly on invoices. That has been fixed.

4. The creation of lead via zap from any CRM was creating a separate status. Now you can choose the status and source of your linking in the ‘action’ section on Zapier.

5. Instamojo as payment gateway was not passing on the failed payment data to Gridle. This was not a part of their open API. We had raised a request and they opened it up for us; now, both success and failure messages are passed back and relevant parties are notified.